RYAN ALOVIS | Founder, Chairman

At 18, at the beginning of today’s nightlife consulting and promotions arena, Ryan Alovis established a presence in the industry. During this time, he employed nearly 50 people. At the age of 21 and nearing his final year at college at Indiana University, Ryan created an innovative cleaning company that led him to be presented with an Entrepreneur of the Year award and was chosen to represent his class and speak at his graduation ceremony. After graduating with a degree in Management, Ryan currently serves as the President and Founder of ArkNet Media, one of the fastest growing privately owned interactive agencies. Under his management, ArkNet Media fully owns and operates a wide array of notable online businesses, such as MagazineDiscountCenter.com, LensDirect.com, and BirthdayPartyBooker.com.  “A central experience of my life was visiting the clinic at Columbia University Medical Center,” he says, “Meeting those kids and seeing what they’re going through…it just makes you want to reach out and help them.”



Stav VaismanSTAV VAISMAN | Founder, Chairman

Stav Vaisman is a marketing entrepreneur who founded a successful event production company at the age of sixteen. He was accepted to Cornell University, but put his higher education pursuits on hold after one year to focus on his expanding business interests. In 2003, Mr. Vaisman brought together a small coterie of friends and family as investors and used this seed capital to found FAME Media (Future Alternative Marketing Entertainment). FAME, with offices in New Jersey, New York City and Los Angeles, is a youth marketing dynamo that is one of the fastest growing firms in this burgeoning niche. FAME Media packages very specified marketing projects that target youth in the most creative and cost effective manner possible. FAME steers their clients away from expensive traditional media, and towards newer, more responsive kinds of advertising and promotional services. Clients have included The N/Viacom, Verizon Wireless, Masterfoods USA, Puma, The Andrew Jergens Company, Bond Perfume, Mandee Stores, among others. Stav balances his challenging business schedule with a full complement of outside philanthropic and political interests. The Silver Lining Society is his favorite project.